من يحتاج إلى اللوحات الرقمية؟

من يحتاج لافتات رقمية؟

إنه سؤال مثير للاهتمام. أصبحت اللافتات الرقمية شائعة الآن ، ويبدو أننا نرى كل يوم شاشات مسطحة جديدة ولوحات إعلانية LED وأشكال أخرى من الاتصالات الرقمية تظهر في السوق. إذن ، من يمكنه الاستفادة من تثبيت شاشات اللافتات الرقمية في أعمالهم؟ باختصار ، حسنًا أي شخص.

Just a few years ago, سيكون جاهزا للعمل was ridiculously expensive, difficult to install, and a pain to use. You needed an IT person on staff just to install and run the software. Back then, screens were bulky, expensive, and there weren’t many sizes available. There were also a lot fewer software options, and most of the products for sale only ran on PCs.

انتقل إلى اليوم ولديك إمكانية الوصول إلى مجموعة من الخيارات التي تحير العقل حرفيًا. هناك حلول لافتات رقمية لأي ميزانية أو تطبيق, and hardware choices have never been better. The introduction of Android devices and النظام على رقاقة displays has provided customers with opportunities that weren’t available with traditional PC based media players.

تستخدم اللافتات الرقمية الآن بشكل شائع في الهواء الطلق و في الداخل, with displays that can be as small as a tablet or as large as a billboard. You can even find displays that can are clearly visible in bright sunlight, and touch screens that let audiences interact with the displays. This is truly the golden age of the industry with new products being added, year after year.

All this innovation has helped make سيكون جاهزا للعمل a viable option for every type of business and organization.

وهنا بعض الأمثلة:

معارض السيارات

يحتضن وكلاء السيارات اللافتات الرقمية والعديد من العلامات التجارية الراقية تدفع بالظرف باستخدام جدران الفيديو الخارجية لوحات LED and large projection screens. Interactive tablets and touchscreens are also used in showrooms so visitors can browse accessories, view interactive videos and access manufacturer’s websites. The retail car industry is highly competitive which is why dealerships have been investing heavily in سيكون جاهزا للعمل.

إن الجمع بين كل هذه التقنيات يجعل تجربة العملاء أكثر إمتاعًا وزيارة لا تُنسى.


Visit Las Vegas and you will see the most impressive and effective use of digital signage. Here, the LED is king. A walk down the strip will clearly demonstrate what can be achieved when casinos invest in state of the art LED panel technologies. But the fun’s not only on the outside! Enter any casino and you will experience every possible combination of display sizes, mounting orientations and technologies. You will see touchscreens used for wayfinding totems, projectors, LED panels and more. Casinos have embraced digital signage and it shows. You will even see content triggered by slot machines whenever someone hits a jackpot. The gaming floor has literally been transformed by technology, and this scenario is being repeated in casinos around the globe.

شركات الاتصالات

Walk into any office building or factory and you will notice تقنيات الإشارات الرقمية being used in a variety of ways. Displays are deployed in lobbies, meeting rooms, lunch rooms, waiting areas, near and inside elevators, in workshops and other areas where people congregate. Digital signage has been particularly effective in areas where there are long dwell times. For example, installing a display in an office lobby provides a great opportunity to tell a story about the company and its employees. By locating displays strategically, companies can…

  • Provide a positive visitor experience.
  • تحسين الروح المعنوية.
  • إبلاغ الموظفين بسياسات الشركة الجديدة.
  • ترفيه الموظفين.
  • Deliver vital business intelligence data where it’s needed.
Corporate Signage With Video Zone Meeting Room Occupancy

المؤسسات المالية

The banking industry is constantly looking for innovative ways to attract new customers and retain existing ones. يعرض اللافتات الرقمية help banks and credit unions communicate directly with visitors. Displays are used for advertising, queue management, displaying currency and interest rates, promotions and other general information.

Banks and credit unions have learned that digital signage can be an excellent support for their advertising campaigns. Programming that include a mix of videos, static images and معلومات الوقت الحقيقي help reduce perceived dwell times and create a more positive outcome.

صالات رياضية ومراكز لياقة بدنية

Fitness centers have understood the power of infotainment for quite some time. Flat panel TV screens have been a staple of every gym for many years. Initially, operators would play MTV or some other TV broadcast to keep their members motivated as they went through their workouts. Lately, the trend has shifted away from public broadcasts. People aren’t interested in just watching TV. Today’s modern fitness centers are equipped with an array of flat panel displays of every size. These displays are used to entertain, motivate and inform members while they go through their workout routines. Programming is matched to specific classes or to individual stations so only relevant content is shown at any given time. It’s not hard to see why digital signage has become an essential tool for every fitness center.

والرعاية الصحية

لنكن صريحين. زيارة مكتب طبيبك المحلي أو غرفة الطوارئ بالمستشفى ليست ممتعة أبدًا. أنت تعلم أنك في انتظار طويل ، ومن المحتمل أن يتم ضبط شاشة LCD المثبتة على الحائط على قناة تلفزيونية مملة. هذا سيناريو يتم تطبيقه في المستشفيات في جميع أنحاء البلاد ، ولكن بفضل اللافتات الرقمية ، بدأت أوقات الانتظار تقصر كثيرًا. يساعد هذا في توضيح سبب انشغال صناعة الرعاية الصحية بنشر شاشات اللافتات الرقمية لتحسين تجربة كل مريض وزائر.

لافتات رقمية للرعاية الصحية is used for…

  • إبلاغ المرضى بخيارات العلاج الجديدة.
  • اشرح الإجراءات الطبية.
  • توفير الأخبار المتعلقة بالصحة.
  • اشرح خطط الرعاية الصحية الجديدة.
  • عزز عادات الأكل الصحية.


Hotels have had tremendous success with digital signage. Displays installed in lobbies and other areas provide valuable visitor information, while wayfinding touch screens help people navigate complex building layouts. The most effective digital signage deployments rely on traffic pattern analysis to determine the best display locations, and ensure maximum visibility throughout the building. This way, guests never get lost and they can be reminded of local activities at any time. Displays also provide information about local attractions, public transport schedules, local taxi phone numbers and other useful information. The larger the venue, the bigger the benefit to each guest.

مطاعم الخدمة السريعة

Digital signage usage has really taken off in the quick service restaurant (or QSR) industry. Visit any town and you will notice more and more restaurants have replaced their printed menu signs with لوحات القائمة الرقمية. We see them popping-up in shopping mall food courts, burger joints, sports bars, and even in arena food concessions. There are many reasons why this is happening. For example, the FDA has mandating the need to display caloric, and other nutritional information on restaurant chain menu boards. This played a big part in accelerating the adoption of digital signage technologies in restaurants.

هناك مزايا أخرى أيضا. يمكن للمطاعم استخدام شاشة عرض واحدة وإظهار خيارات قائمة مختلفة حسب الوقت من اليوم. يتم تدوير القوائم ببساطة عند الضرورة ، مما يلغي الحاجة إلى وجود علامات مطبوعة متعددة.

ثم هناك فائدة من تضمين محتوى الوسائط المتعددة مثل مقاطع الفيديو والرسوم المتحركة. يمكن لهذا المحتوى أن يجعل القائمة "تنبثق" وتجذب الانتباه. من السهل أيضًا إدارة العروض الترويجية حيث يمكن جدولتها مسبقًا وإزالتها عند انتهاء صلاحيتها.