Navori Releases QL 2.2 Player for LG webOS

Navori Releases QL 2.2 Player for LG webOS

Navori releases its proprietary QL Player software for 4K/UHD- and HDR-capable Digital Signage Displays from LG

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, September 25, 2019 – Navori announces the release of a new QL Player software specially designed and globally certified for LG WebOS version 3 and 4. LG’s digital signage division delivers professional displays that feature embedded SoC media player hardware running on WebOS.

Compared to traditional PC based solutions, System on Chip displays help customers save 48% off their Total Cost of Ownership.  SoC powered displays are also 3 times more reliable than external PC-based players.

Navori has leveraged its digital signage expertise to develop SoC software that outperforms display manufacturer’s in-house solutions.

Benefits of using QL Player for LG WebOS displays

  • Can be installed and activated in minutes.
  • Supports every QL feature (800+)
  • Outstanding rendering performance. As powerful as an Intel i5 PC.
  • Navori USP lets users associate their LG Displays with other screen brands and models, including LED and tablets, preserving complete interoperability
  • Save 48% on TCO vs. legacy PC-based architecture
  • Improve reliability by a factor of 3
  • Plug and Play screen monitoring in QL Content Manager dashboard
  • Remote software upgrades managed in QL Content Manager
  • Mobile display control
  • Multi-player content synchronization (including cross-brand/model)
  • Video wall compliant
  • Socket-based content triggering API
  • 4K content certification
  • Control your screens from QL Content Manager and QL Mobile

QL Player for WebOS is 100% proprietary and developed in house for better performance, and more efficient post-deployment support. QL Player for WebOS leverages all available hardware resources to deliver the best experience possible. QL Player for WebOS is more reliable and offers more features than any existing software solution.

QL Content Management System GUI

Why choose QL Player for WebOS?

  • It’s ideal for new digital signage deployments.
  • It’s available for all platforms, including Windows, Android, Samsung SSSP and LG WebOS so it’s a great solution for existing deployments.
  • It’s great for networks that manage a range of display brands and screen layouts.
  • It offers modern features like mobile management and interactive content support.
  • It’s what you need for professional content rendering.
  • It’s for Digital Signage Operators who need cross-display/cross-brand hardware support

What is this product intended for?

LG WebOS is a Linux kernel-based operating system acquired and developed by LG to power its Smart TV and professional digital signage displays.