Usefulness of Digital Menu Boards in Quick Service Restaurants

Usefulness of Digital Menu Boards in Quick Service Restaurants

There are typically two types of QSR digital signage applications:

  • In-restaurant menus:  Digital menu boards are ideal for displaying food items in a way that is appetizing and enhances the brand.  Menu screens show a constantly changing mix of products and infotainment that promotes high margin items and help reduce perceived dwell times.  This results in increased sales and a better dining experience for everyone.
  • Drive-through: Exterior signage help with the order taking process right at the point of decision.  Dynamic content can be used to promote specific menu items, cross-sell and make wait times a bit more enjoyable.

How can digital menu boards benefit me?

QL helps restaurant owners and operators increase sales and boost profits.  Here is how you will benefit.

Digital menu boards add value

QL lets you change your menus based on the time of day using day parting.  Show different content for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any combination.  You can even trigger promotions based on the weather.  For example, show soups and warm dishes on a cold winter day or cool drinks during the hot summer season.

The trick is to promote the right product mix and to cycle through items you wish to promote.  Typically, high margin items like side orders, extra toppings or deserts can take up to 50% of a static printed menu board. Digital signage software lets you alternate the content through animation so you can promote these items more efficiently.

Dwell times are another sore point for many.  You should insert some infotainment into your programming whenever wait times exceed 3 minutes. Doing so will reduce perceived wait times and increase promotion awareness.  You want to increase the WOW factor in your store?  Add animations to your menus.  It’s a proven fact that adding 3 to 5% of animated content can significantly improve the customer experience.

For longer wait times, consider adding live TV feeds to your menus.

Take-out restaurants can use on-screen queuing messages to keep customers focused on their screens.  Promotional content can be shown next to or overlaid on top of queuing messages ensuring customers will notice them.  This method works particularly well when used with a ticket-based ticket management system.

QL powered menu boards are more practical

The QL Digital Signage system can easily communicate with any POS or cash register system to automatically retrieve the correct item pricing and keep this information updated in real-time.

The manager on duty can be given local/limited access to the QL Content Manager.  This way they can manage the digital menu board program without any outside assistance.  They can launch a new promotion, manage items on a predefined screen area (launch animations, event notices, birthday messages, and more).  Managers can also remove any articles that are sold-out.

Using the QL digital signage software platform, administrators can grant or limit the rights to any user.

QL Players can also automatically switch screens on or off based on the restaurant’s operating hours.

Maximizing your drive through revenue

Want to increase drive-through sales?  Run different content on your external screens. Digital menu boards should display a mix of regular and high margin items while ordering screens show promotions that relate to the current order.  This creates a cross-marketing channel that sustains and potentially increases order sizes using real-time promotions tied to the order taking process.

Drive through wait times offer another opportunity to display infotainment content on outdoor screens.

Drive Thru QSR Digital Menu Board

Here’s why QL is the right choice for any QSR signage scenario:

A single media player powered by QL can control up to 12 1080p/ full HD screens simultaneously and deliver a mix of rich, real-time data-driven content as described previously.

QL is simply the easiest digital signage product that supports multiple users, multi-level and multi-site management for all your internal and external Digital Menu Boards. QL delivers reliable and professional results whatever the size of your restaurant or the number of locations.

Want to achieve even more? The NAVORI QL Trigger API supports any interactive scenario inside or outside your location.  Automate content playback when a vehicle shows up at the Drive Trough or promote specific menu items based on stock levels, weather or any other variable.

QL will seamlessly integrate into your workflow and easily interface with your POS and database systems. With QL, pricing is always current, sold out items are automatically removed and promotions are automatically shown according to your programming rules.

Benefits of deploying digital menu boards

First and foremost, digital menu boards are far more eye-catching and engaging than traditional static menu boards. QSR’s are all about efficiency and upselling, and digital menu boards help to drive both of these objectives.

With digital signage software, QSR’s can easily and quickly change their menus to promote different items throughout the day. For example, promoting breakfast items in the morning, lunch items during the midday rush, and dinner items in the evening. This type of “dayparting” is not possible with static menu boards.

Another huge benefit of digital menu boards is the ability to run promotions and specials. For example, if it’s a particularly hot day, QSR’s can promote iced drinks and cool menu items. Or if it’s cold outside, they can promote soups and warm dishes.

Digital menu boards also give QSR’s the ability to upsell side orders, extra toppings, and deserts. Studies have shown that these high-margin items can take up 50% of space on static menu boards.

Finally, digital signage is simply more efficient than traditional methods like print menus or chalkboards. It’s easy to make changes and updates on the fly, and there’s no need for costly printing or labor-intensive chalkboard maintenance.