Using Real-Time Data Feeds in Digital Signages

Using Real-Time Data Feeds in Digital Signages

Content is King! Bring it to Life With QL

Traditional print-based posters and ads have a fraction of a second to grab viewers’ attention and get your message out.  It’s the same regardless of the message whether it’s promotional or branding related.

This is where digital signage can make a real difference.  Viewers get exposed to more information delivered in a more pleasing format which increases awareness.  However, advertisers and brand owners should be careful when using this technology, because overexposure can lead to “brain fade” where viewers simply stop paying attention.  It’s the reason why it’s critical to keep your content fresh and interesting otherwise the audience will tune out. Updating your content often will reduce perceived dwell time and improve the message’s effectiveness, especially if you’re dealing with a captive audience that’s lining up for a service or product.

This is where NAVORI QL digital signage software can make a real difference.  QL lets you blend media content and live information on your digital signage displays, creating attention-grabbing programming that informs and entertains viewers where it counts.

Put live data in the driver’s seat

Take for example the flight information screens that you see in airports, train, and bus stations. This type of programming is essentially a mix of content and real-time data feeds retrieved from a back-end database. Using an automated process makes sense due to the timely nature of the information being displayed and it’s far better than having someone manually enter and update the content. This type of information can be read from internal or external sources such as from an intranet/extranet, SharePoint, or proprietary databases. The person creating the layout simply links various fields to live data sources and the information will update itself automatically.

transportation status board

Many information sources can be used to create useful information screens.  For example, newscasts, stock tickers, sports results, and other topics can enhance traveler information screens.  This data is accessible via public RSS feeds from CNN, BBC, and other content providers.

QL’s ability to connect to a wide range of data sources and feeds provides a strategic advantage for those who need to deliver targeted messages to the right audience.

Queuing systems are other examples where QL outshines other content delivery methods.  QL can combine real-time messages, ads, and ticket numbers on any display to deliver a compelling program that will grab viewers’ attention and help reduce perceived dwell time.  Ticket numbers can be shown in any area or overlaid on top of other content at the discretion of the content manager.  This results in better ad retention and a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Other popular applications

Retail stores also benefit from using QL-powered digital signage.  Promotional material can be triggered based on stock levels, local competition, or any other factor.  Pricing can be adjusted and managed centrally or locally by interfacing QL with your enterprise ERP, CRM, or any POS/logistics system,  There is no limit to what you can achieve with QL.

Corporate communications and industrial applications can be enhanced with the use of real-time data from any data source.  QL lets you enhance your call center traffic statistics, boardroom presentations, management messages, E-learning, ad more.  Tap into corporate data and display on-demand content on any screen.  QL Player is an interactive media player software that can respond to many external inputs such as remote control devices, touchscreens, keyboard input, Microsoft Kinect devices, motion sensors, RFID, bar code readers, and many other devices.

QL Powered mobile and transit applications take on new life.  Displays installed in trains, light rail, buses, taxis, and shuttles, and ferries can show content based on geographic locations using real-time GPS data. The content becomes more contextual when it’s triggered as a bus approaches its next stop.  Relevant messages can be shown instantly.  Display delays, tourist information or promote local businesses. The QL Mobile GPS Trigger synchronizes with Google Maps and waypoints correspond to precise map coordinates.  QL lets you select the trigger location and range using a simple UI.

But don’t stop there!  Use applets to add local weather forecasts and data feeds in custom templates. QL templates support multiple zones, transparent overlays, tickers and banners all delivered in true HDTV broadcast quality.  Content transitions are smooth and seamless as QL is precise to 1/30th of a second.

Template Financial Data Stock Exchange Dashboard

Benefits of using real-time data feeds

There are many benefits of displaying live data feeds on your digital signage. Real-time data is more accurate and up-to-date, which can help viewers make more informed decisions. Digital signage data feeds can also be customized to target specific audiences, and they can be used to promote special offers or events. Live data feeds can also help increase brand awareness and loyalty by keeping viewers updated on the latest news and information about your company.