Die neue Navori-Technologie liefert 8K-Leistung von einem einzelnen PC

Die neue Navori-Technologie liefert 8K-Leistung von einem einzelnen PC

Die IPR-Technologie von Navori reduziert Kosten und Komplexität enorm; Fahren Sie bis zu 16 Full-HD-Bildschirme mit einem Mediaplayer

LAUSANNE, Schweiz, 12. Dezember 2018 – Navori stellt auf der ISE2019 im Februar IPR vor, eine neue Softwareplattform, die das Performance-Rendering für Digital Signage beschleunigt. IPR, kurz für Insane Performance Rendering, macht es auf einzigartige Weise möglich, 8K-Videowände oder Cluster von 4x 4K-Digital-Signage-Displays von einem einzigen zu betreiben Media Player, was zu dramatischen Kosteneinsparungen für Systemintegratoren und Endbenutzer führt. Navori wird die Möglichkeiten von IPR vom 5. bis 8. Februar am Stand 8.E195 im RAI Amsterdam demonstrieren.

Insane performance rendering

IPR’s “insane” performance rendering capabilities are based on Navori’s 64-bit player software and optimized PC hardware. IPR can power a full 8K Videowand, or as many as 16 full HD displays, from a single device. One IPR license for Navori’s QL content management system software covers either scenario.

IPR adds further value by only using 20 percent of the CPU when displaying 8K content due to its highly efficient use of processing power. Furthermore, IPR can frame-accurately synchronize with any content type, including HTML5 and tickers, since the entire workflow is centralized on one workstation.

„IPR ist eine bahnbrechende Technologie zur Bereitstellung von Inhaltsauflösungen dieser Größenordnung von einem einzigen PC aus“, sagt Jerome Moeri, CEO von Navori. „Systemintegratoren sparen Hardware, Softwarelizenzen und Arbeitsaufwand durch einen geringeren Platzbedarf bei der Installation und eine Technologie, die im Vergleich zu einem gefüllten Serverschrank einfach zu konfigurieren und zu warten ist.“

Moeri expects that IPR will be of particular interest to retail businesses and restaurants. For example, IPR’s high-performance rendering will offer benefits for quick-service restaurants and entertainment venues that want to drive multiple menu boards and concessions. In retail, Videowände in shopping windows can have four tiled 4K screens – with brilliantly crisp visuals – off a single IPR-driven player. The same benefits apply to video wall installations in Unternehmen and hospitality environments.

IPR will be interoperable with new rules-based contextual Inhalte auslösen capabilities within QL2, also to be introduced at ISE. These capabilities will offer more flexibility in dynamic content delivery, versus making best-guesses about what content makes sense days or even weeks in advance, when scheduling.

Navori Digital Signage Software

Navori QL ist neu intelligente Planungs- und Auslösefunktionen allow, for example, retailers to base what’s playing on specific screens in stores on inventory levels or deliveries. That means that pre-set “rules” can trigger one-time promotions from linked management systems to announce that new stock has arrived from the distribution center. Similarly, promotions can be dynamically removed from Digital Signage playlists if inventory levels run low, and hit a pre-set threshold that triggers the spot to be expired.

Moeri adds that this kind of intelligent content scheduling can also be applied in theaters and large venues, where Digital-Signage-Bildschirme re-direct attendees to shorter concession, ticket or security screening lines.

“We know pre-planned, scheduled content will always be a part of Digital Signage networks for our customers, but there is certainly a need to be more  dynamic, at times,” says Moeri. “By data-tagging media assets, players and scenarios, and integrating with Echtzeitdaten from other systems within a business, we can deliver content that is meaningful to that moment.”