Matching Digital Signage Software with Digital Displays

Matching Digital Signage Software with Digital Displays

Successful deployments often rely on matching a digital signage software to the display and media player hardware. Discover why QL is the only native player software you should install on your indoor and outdoor digital signage displays.

LED Outdoor DOOH

Indoor digital signage displays

QL can power any indoor display for:


Indoor digital signage displays must be connected to an external media player like a Windows PC, Navori StiX 3700 or generic Android device. Navori Labs offers a range of native QL Player software designed specifically for each hardware platform. This way you get a unified experience across all your screens and locations.

By using a single software platform to power your entire commercial digital signage display network, you benefit from:

  • Simplified user training and onboarding.
  • A common experience across every display regardless of the technology used.
  • Lower support and service costs.
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Here are some features of external media players and SoC display hardware.

External media players
  • External media players are more versatile than displays that include embedded media player hardware (SoC).
  • You have more options to choose from: Windows PCs and Android devices, including StiX 3700 – Navori’s proprietary Android media player.
  • When a display is broken, you can just swap out the screen and re-use the media player. You can usually get your displays back up and running faster because you only replace the component that is defective.
  • External media players tend to be more powerful than the hardware inside your typical SoC display. You get better performance and portability.
  • A single external media player can power entire LCD video walls, multi-screen menu boards and commercial displays. You can deliver more eye-catching content from a single player.
  • External media players are the only option when upgrading older displays. It’s a cost-effective way to upgrade an existing digital signage project without having to purchase all new equipment.


System-on-Chip (SoC) displays
  • Professional System-on-Chip displays that feature embedded media player hardware are an affordable alternative to external media players.
  • Navori QL player software is available for Samsung SSSP, LG WebOS, Philips, Elo and Sharp System-on-Chip displays.
  • The SoC media player’s main advantages are hardware simplification, better reliability, and native display remote control. These features are fully compatible with QL’s own display management, monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, including daily on/off schedules.
  • Switching to SoC media players can offer up to 41% reduction in costs compared to other solutions.
  • SoC displays have no hanging wires or external media player accessible so they are less prone to vandalism.

Outdoor digital signage displays

Commercial digital signage for outdoor applications uses big, bright screens that can be viewed in full daylight. Digital LED displays are commonly used for these applications because they offer high-brightness and good contrast. It’s the reason why outdoor displays based on LED display technology have become so common.

Outdoor LED Display

It’s important to note that LED displays have some unique requirements. They require a media player that can render your content in the right coordinates and screen resolutions. Since resolutions can be quite low, the playable image area only covers a small portion of your typical full HD screen. Not every digital signage software platform can deal with these challenges so it’s important to consider a commercial grade solution.

To work properly, your digital signage software must scale to the same size and match the LED display’s screen coordinates. Otherwise, your content won’t render correctly and you will get unexpected results.

QL Player supports all LED display screen configurations and resolutions natively so your content always renders perfectly on every screen. QL can even render content in mixed screen orientations and unconventional layouts.

There are no surprises when QL Player is driving the show.

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