Create Amazing Digital Signage Video Walls

Create Amazing Digital Signage Video Walls

QL’s display screen software lets you publish content across multiple screens using a single PC. You can also display perfectly synchronized content on multiple screens running off individual media players.

The digital signage video wall challenge

Multi-screen installations can be extremely effective for communicating information and attracting attention. However, it can be difficult to play synchronous content across multiple video signage displays.

QL supports any screen scenario. Display any content across any number of screens. Use one device to power multiple screens or perfectly synchronized content over any number of independent screens.

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The Navori Labs’ Solution

Manage your digital signage content across multiple screens and achieve amazing results. QL lets you combine different screen orientations for your video walls. You can also deploy perfectly synchronized content across multiple media players.

Multi-screen digital signage can be a powerful visual communication tool. Enhance your restaurant ambience with graphic content that sets the mood. Energize your retail brand with lifestyle videos. Impress office visitors with corporate videos and business insights. You’re only limited by your own imagination.

One software, two options

QL digital signage software supports different multi-screen installation options:

Single PC/multi screen software for your video wall or menu board.

  • This option requires a multi-screen Windows PC or Navori Labs’ StiX media player device.
  • Deliver broadcast quality content across multiple screens with ease
  • Manage any screen layout, including mixed orientations.
  • Create content zones that span one or more screens to deliver unique content to each screen. Your content can also span all your screens and you can switch from extended content to individual screen zones on the fly.
  • QL Player supports up to four Full HD screens on Windows PCs or Android devices.
  • QL Player IPR supports up to 16 displays at Full HD resolution on 64-bit Windows PCs.

QL multiplayer synchronization for multi-device deployments.

  • Render fully synchronized content on any device: Windows PCs, Android devices, and system-on-chip (SoC) screens from Samsung and LG.
  • QL offers true content synchronization across different types of media player and display hardware. One software does it all.

Digital signage video walls, menu boards and more…

Use multiple screens and video walls to deploy your content in a creative and engaging way.

  • Screens can be mounted vertically or horizontally to create a large canvas.
  • Content can extend across every display or be shown in individual zones.
  • Zoned content plays fully synchronized across any number of media player devices.
  • Data feeds can be shown on top of your multimedia content. Display news items and other live data across the bottom of the screen or be creative with our template layouts. Display useful information that captivates viewers:
    • Weather forecasts
    • News updates
    • Sports scores
    • …and more!
  • Restaurant menus that extend across many screens can include videos and other attention grabbing content. It’s proven that rich content helps reduce perceived wait times. Use bold video content to upsize your orders and generate more revenue.

QL’s Template Designer lets anyone create attractive layouts that span multiple screens with pixel perfect alignment. Display fully synchronized media and live data feeds to inform guests and sell more products.

Switch from single content playing across multiple displays and different content playing on each individual screen instantly.

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