Use Digital Signage as a Sales Assistant Tool

Use Digital Signage as a Sales Assistant Tool

Desk and non-desk employees should be able to take control of any digital signage screen to launch presentations or marketing materials regardless of their location or access to a desktop PC.

QL empowers local and remote workers with the following tools:

  • QL Mobile  lets retail employees use their smartphones to launch and play any content on any digital screen, video wall, or LED display. Content can be shown once, looped multiple times, and screens can be switched back to their previously scheduled programs instantly. Retail staff members can use QL Mobile to review the latest product information. Office staff members can use our app to launch town hall meeting videos or corporate messages in meeting rooms and public spaces. QL Mobile frees employees from their desks while delivering total control over what’s shown on your screens. Turn screens on or off, mute the sound or edit QL Server hosted data feeds in real-time.
  • Tablets and touchscreens  make sales associates more effective since they can update content for their digital menu boards inside their restaurant. No need to call head office for changes. Office staff can book meeting rooms and perform other time-sensitive tasks while they are on-site. Access to a desktop PC is no longer required and you can control an entire digital signage display network from the palm of your hand.
Personalize Programs From Smartphone

QL digital signage software includes all the features innovative retailers need for successful sales and marketing campaigns. QL is used in retail, banking and finance, showrooms, lobbies, and government offices.

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