Storefront Digital Signage Displays

Storefront Digital Signage Displays

Retailers are always on the lookout for smart and innovative ways to attract new customers. Storefront retail digital screens can play a big role in a store’s success regardless of whether the store is located on a busy street, in a pop-up location, or in a shopping mall.

The Retail Storefront Signage Challenge

Storefront digital signage displays are a great way to draw customers into your storefront and keep them there. They can be used for everything from advertising new products and specials to providing directions around the store.

Digital signage isn’t just good for large retail chains. With so many options to choose from, any type or size of retail store can benefit from digital signage screens. What then are the most important features or strategies required for successful storefront retail digital signage?

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The Navori Solution

  • Content day-parting – show attention-grabbing content that changes over the course of the day.
  • Smart – AI content programming triggers or activates content based on product stocking levels and other real-time events (weather conditions, store traffic levels, promotional campaigns…). Deliver promotional content when shoppers are most likely to be receptive.
  • Mobile content editing, programming and triggering. QL Mobile lets you use digital screens as an interactive sales support that store associates can control using their smartphones.
  • Deliver visual and audio content simultaneously using a single media player. Eliminate recurring music service charges and take control of your content.
  • Use QL Mobile to turn digital signage screens on or off. Control the audio level from any smartphone or tablet. No need to ask someone in the office to control your screens when you can do it right from the sales floor.
  • Video walls and multi-screen installations provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand and improve the shopping experience. QL’s IPR player software supports extreme screen resolutions for content that will captivate the audience and deliver results.
  • Use content synchronization in large halls to deliver a better visual impact. Play perfectly synchronized videos across any number of retail digital signage screens.
  • Leverage computer vision technology to deliver content based on the audience’s profile. Strategically installed cameras scan viewers and trigger content that matters to each individual enduring your promotions reach the most receptive audience. Achieve better sales and increase customer satisfaction by interfacing Navori QL with the AQUAJI marketing analytics platform.
  • Deploy interactive content for shopping mall directories, store wayfinding and general visitor information.

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Benefits of using storefront digital signage

There are many advantages to using digital signage screens in a retail storefront. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that these screens can help to attract new customers. By displaying eye-catching visuals and interesting content, digital signage screens can help to create a positive first impression for potential shoppers.

Storefront digital signage screens can also be used to communicate important information to customers. For example, a screen might display the latest sales or promotions, or it could provide directions to different areas of the store. This type of communication can be very beneficial for stores that are large or complex in layout.

In addition to attracting new customers and communicating with customers, digital signage screens can also be used to improve customer loyalty. By displaying content that is relevant and interesting to customers, retailers can help to keep customers engaged with the store. This can lead to increased spending and longer visit times, both of which are desirable outcomes for any retailer.

Ultimately, digital signage software offers a number of advantages for retailers. By using these screens, stores can improve customer engagement, attract new customers, and communicate important information to shoppers. All of these factors can result in a more successful retail business.


The most important thing to remember when choosing a storefront digital signage display system is that it must be easy to install and use. If you’re looking for something that will be easy to set up and simple enough for your staff to operate without any technical knowledge, then QL Digital Signage Software is the best choice for you!

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