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QL digital signage software

The Digital Signage Software tools you need to be successful

With QL Digital Signage Software, you can seamlessly transform any screen into a dynamic and engaging visual display. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer experiences in retail environments, communicate vital information in corporate settings, or create immersive digital signage displays in public spaces, QL Digital Signage Software has everything you need to get the job done.

  • Intuitive, Web-Based CMS

    Intuitive and easy to manage, drag and drop style digital signage software CMS. Compatible with any web browser or mobile device.

  • Template Designer

  • Data Feed Manager

  • Advertising Campaign Module

  • Domain and User Management

  • Industry Leading Player Software

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QL Essential

Standard Digital Signage Software features for any user, with or without IT knowledge

  • QL Essential UI

    QL Essential is the intuitive and user-friendly digital signage software you need to handle all of your requirements.

  • Upload any content

  • Create rich templates

  • Schedule and tag

  • Publish & monitor

  • Manage users

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QL Professional

Advanced Digital Signage Software for enterprise users, sophistication and large scale projects

  • Smart content automation

    Create simple rules and scenarios that let your live data sources automate content management and playback decisions in real-time

  • Advertising / Programmatic DOOH

  • Audience reporting

  • Player synchronization

  • Multi-tenant / Single Sign On

  • Open architecture / API

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Features: QL Essential vs. QL Professional




Web Based CMS (Multitenant, Unlimited Users)

Domain and User Management

Basic Player Monitoring

Data Feed Manager

Template Designer

Ticker Manager

Multiple Playlists per Group

Multi-Player Synchronization

Content Automation: Conditional Playback and Triggers

Advertising Campaign Manager

QL Mobile

Scheduling Grid

Playback Reporting and Analytics

URL authentication including PowerBI

API for Developers

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Why choose QL Digital Signage Software?

Navori Labs is a trailblazer in the digital signage industry, bringing cutting-edge technology to customers no matter their size. We provide powerful solutions for end-users and extensive scalability options for large operators running thousands of players.

The industry’s best CMS

QL Content Manager is an intuitive, easy-to-use, browser based Digital Signage CMS that supports any device or web browser with no local software to install.

The industry’s best Player engine

Native, supercharged digital display software that retains full interoperability and all digital signage features no matter what media player or SoC display hardware you choose.

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Open architecture and API's

Navori Labs offers QL Server and QL Player APIs to simplify Machine to Machine (M2M) integration. This lets businesses automate their processes and create smart digital signage applications and integrations with ease.

Works on any player hardware

QL player offers stunning broadcast quality playback on any type of hardware (Media player or SoC display). Standardize on one player platform or mix and match depending on your project’s requirements.

Full range of professional products

QL Digital Signage Software is available in Essential and Professional versions. Both versions offer Cloud and On-Premise hosting options, and have access to our latest digital signage features. Pair QL with our STIX 3700 media player and you are all set!

How to pick the best digital signage software?

What really matters when choosing a digital signage software platform ?

How to define powerful digital signage software and what are the advantages for the user?

Your digital signage platform should be able to deliver smooth content playback and perfect transitions with any type of content, regardless of its type or complexity.

QL is a highly sophisticated, native media player software that provides many leading-edge features such as content pre-loading and GPU acceleration for perfect content rendering. More on consumer vs. professional grade digital signage software

Why choose multi-platform digital display software?

Digital signage platform deployments often use many types of media player hardware devices, such as Windows PCs, system-on-chip screens running Samsung SSSP, LG Web OS, or Android (Philips and Sony), BrightSign, Innes, or Navori Labs’ own StiX 3700 media player. It’s why you should consider solutions that support a wide range of hardware types for your digital signage projects.

The best electronic signage software will always give you a choice of leading hardware platforms to run on.

Why is user interface experience is decisive for the user?

Digital signage screens need a steady stream of fresh and captivating content. When your software features an intuitive user interface, people are more likely to use it. This is especially true for creative teams where users may lack certain technical skills.

Navori Labs created a user interface that is simple to use and easy to learn. Users have access to a content library, playlists, and a programming grid they can use without requiring any training.

What are the benefits in choosing a scalable digital signage platform?

Your typical digital signage platform has a lifespan of 7 years and user requirements evolve over time. QL is offered in two versions, Cloud and on-premise, with 12 optional modules you can add to customize your solution as your needs change. It’s also important to consider software updates.

Navori Labs delivers at least one major update annually, and each one includes a minimum of 15 new digital display software features. When you select QL for your project, you get an electronic signage solution that evolves with your needs.

What is an integrated digital signage solution for an easy deployment?

Navori Labs offers its QL StiX 3700 Android-based media player with bundled with its QL Player software for those looking for a fully integrated, turn-key digital signage solution. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

Open source vs proprietary digital signage player software

People looking at launching a digital signage network have an abundance of options to choose from. When looking at the best digital signage software solutions, two main choices come to mind.

There are proprietary, and open source solutions. To pick the best candidate you must consider your business needs, risk tolerance and financial situation. Find out more…