Create award winning content with QL Template Designer

Create award winning content with QL Template Designer

The QL Content Manager features its own digital signage content designer. Use it to create and manage professional looking templates that will engage your viewers. QL’s built-in Template Designer is easy to use and requires no additional software.

QL Template Designer

Use QL’s content creation tool without leaving the digital signage software. Design your own templates with dynamic multi-zone layouts. Display different types of content and live data on any screen.

QL Templates are saved in the software’s content library, just like any other media. To program your templates, simply add them to any scheduled playlist. Then, publish your changes to deliver captivating digital signage content to any screen.

You can even insert a template inside another template. Our digital signage designer lets anyone create content for any type of application.

QL’s digital signage designer lets you create content that engages the audience. See the content types that QL supports.

Digital Signage Template Designer features:

  • HTML5/WYSIWYG content designer features a friendly and easy to use interface.
  • Design templates with a colored background or use any bitmap image.
  • Templates can be duplicated across groups/networks via copy/paste. Save time by modifying and adapting existing templates.
  • Your templates automatically adjust to each player’s screen resolution. Bitmap images used as backgrounds are dynamically resized to the template dimensions.
  • Create templates that span multiple screens for digital menu boards and video wall applications.
Corporate Signage Twitter Data Feed Live Cnn Rss
Social media board for Corporate Communications

Add the following content zones to any template:

  • Static text.
  • Display the current time. Time is retrieved from the Player PC so local time at the Player’s location will be displayed.
  • Display the current date. Date is retrieved from the Player PC.
  • Display geographic shapes (rectangle/oval) with borders, solid background or gradient colors, and transparency control.
  • Display live data, including Media RSS, RSS, XML, social media and QL Server-hosted feeds using individual fields or tables. You can even mix different feeds within the same template. Image links are supported in Media RSS and XML feeds. Images are resized dynamically to match each zone. Display weather forecasts, live traffic information, news feeds with images, financial data, and sports scores.
  • Display live data in a table using your own custom settings. Show an entire database or select fields. You can even show multiple data sources in fully synchronized tables. Image links are supported in Media RSS and XML feeds. Images are resized dynamically to match each zone.
Multi Zone template

A signage solution for all your corporate communication needs

  • Top layer images are simply dragged and dropped into your template. These images will appear on top of any other content in your template to dress-up your layouts. Upload your JPEG and PNG files directly into the template designer where they will be stored. PNG transparency is also supported so you can masking layers for that professional look.
  • Drag and drop any playlist that exists in QL Content Manager into your template to create a Playlist Zone. Whenever someone adds or removes content from this playlist, the changes will appear in the zone. You can even drag multiple playlists into one zone and each playlist will play in sequence. The content in each playlist loops by default, but you can change this behavior so the content plays through once and then pauses at the end. Playlists retain all their attributes when they are part of a zone. They can play their content randomly or mute the sound of the videos they contain.
  • By default, new templates have a duration of 15 seconds and they will retain this duration as long as you add static content (text or data for example). Whenever you add media with a duration that exceeds 15 seconds, the template will adapt to the content duration. Add a Playlist Zone that lasts 15 minutes and your template will take on that duration automatically. If your template has multiple Playlist or Media Zones, the longest one will dictate the template’s duration.
Live Departure Template
FIDS departures board showing live XML across a data grid