¿Por qué es tan eficaz la señalización digital?

¿Por qué es tan eficaz la señalización digital?

La cartelería digital se ha convertido en una herramienta de comunicación imprescindible. Ha habido muchos estudios que han demostrado la eficacia de las tecnologías de señalización digital. Por ejemplo, un estudio de 2010 descubrió que 70% de estadounidenses vieron una pantalla digital el mes pasado y 52% vieron una pantalla la semana pasada. Avance rápido hasta hoy y puede imaginar que estos números han crecido significativamente.

No solo hay más personas que se dan cuenta pantallas de señalización digital, en realidad pasan más tiempo interactuando con ellos y recuerdan más de la información que se muestra.

Las pantallas de señalización digital están demostrando ser más efectivas que los carteles impresos tradicionales y los materiales de punto de venta por las siguientes razones:

El contenido de señalización digital es dinámico

The combination of bright colors and motion make digital signage displays hard to ignore. With its support for video and animated content, digital signage attracts attention better than other types of communication medium. Digital signage is also self-updating, since content can also include real-time news from RSS feeds and social media feeds. The ability to deploy any content at any time, from any location, makes digital signage more dynamic than any other display medium.

Las pantallas de señalización digital aumentan las ventas

Studies after studies have proven that digital signage displays sell more product compared to other forms of point of purchase signs. Dynamic displays are the “silent salespeople” of the 21S t  A digital display is always available and ready to help shoppers by providing product features and benefits, pricing and more.

TV ads can be re-purposed and shown on digital signage displays, mixed in with product information, items on sale and other content of interest to shoppers. Digital signage has found its way into automobile dealerships, food stores, furniture and appliance stores, home décor and renovation stores, warehouse stores and other retail locations.

La cartelería digital es muy rentable

The cost of hardware and software keeps dropping which makes digital signage more affordable. Lower acquisition and maintenance costs mean digital signage displays can pay for themselves quickly. Once the hardware investment has been made, there are few recurring costs other than the production of new content. There are none of the shipping and disposal costs normally associated with static, printed material.

Digital signage helps to communicate better

Displays installed in offices, lunch rooms and common areas have proven to be significantly more effective than the traditional “bulletin board” approach. The content shown on these displays can be updated constantly to provide a steady stream of information, entertainment and educational clips. Displays installed in call centers can be connected to automated information systems to show call response times and other valuable statistics.

Business intelligence is another area that has benefited greatly from digital signage. Critical business data and statistics are displayed in real-time on employee-facing screens. These systems ensure staff is provided with up-to-the-minute information, ensuring decisions are taken promptly and efficiently.

La señalización digital ofrece contenido al instante

Tener la capacidad de publicar mensajes instantáneos y activar contenido multimedia en grandes redes de pantallas conectadas es crucial para muchas aplicaciones. Por ejemplo, los sectores educativo y gubernamental requieren mensajería instantánea y capacidades de alerta; a los operadores de tiendas minoristas y restaurantes de servicio rápido les gusta tener la capacidad de mostrar información actualizada sobre precios en los letreros de sus puntos de venta y tableros de menús; Los gerentes de oficina y los oficiales de comunicación corporativa deben informar a los empleados y visitantes. Podriamos seguir y seguir…

La señalización digital lidera el camino

Wayfinding has benefited tremendously from tecnologías de señalización digital. What used to be based on static signage boards has evolved into fully interactive visitor information systems. By pairing digital signage hardware players to touch screens, designers can now provide a complete interactive multimedia experience.

Typically, a 2D or 3D layout is shown on a touchscreen and visitors can navigate the plan by simply pointing to their destination. A path is then shown on screen, sometimes accompanied by a video tour showing the way to the destination. Orientación Los quioscos también pueden proporcionar información adicional a través de códigos QR que los visitantes escanean con sus teléfonos inteligentes o mediante SMS y otras tecnologías similares.

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La señalización digital es un generador de ingresos

Señalización digital redes publicitarias are highly profitable and growing. Flat panel displays strategically positioned for maximum visibility ensure the highest possible viewership which is critical for brand owners and advertisers. Viewership measurement technologies are often integrated with digitals signage displays to provide highly accurate viewership profiles.

Marketers and advertising agencies can tie-in ad impressions to demographics to create highly targeted ad campaigns that outsell any other platform.  Digital signage’s ability to deliver specific content based on display location or demographic make it an essential tool for modern advertising programs.

La señalización digital motiva

La dirección empresarial entiende que mejor y una comunicación más eficaz ayuda a empoderar a los empleados located in remote locations. It’s a known fact that mobile staff such as sales people, truck drivers and other remote staff can sometimes feel a bit isolated and detached from head office. Directives and other corporate messages don’t always make it to remote locations and disconnected employees often feel left out.  When this happens, some employees don’t feel part of the company and morale suffers.

Digital signage can display any content over any distance at very little cost. There are no limits to the number of screens that can be deployed, and screens are updated with new content whenever there is new information to be shared. By deploying engaging content that is regularly updated, managers and human resources personnel can ensure the entire staff is kept informed. Updates can be sent at any time and it will be viewed by the entire workforce, regardless of their location.

La señalización digital informa y educa

Successful organizations plan their digital signage deployments in such a way to maximize staff and customer exposure. This way broadcasts can be tailored according to each audience.  Customers get presented with sales, advertising or informational content while staff is provided with training content, strategic information, and various other business focused information streams.  The idea is to maximize the return on investment by leveraging the entire red de señalización digital.

La señalización digital entretiene

One of the most useful application of tecnologías de señalización digital revolves around entertaining viewers. Nowhere is this more important than where there are long wait times like inside elevators, in elevator hallways, in waiting rooms, at store checkouts, in government offices, and other similar locations.

Pantallas de señalización digital located in these areas can provide much needed entertainment content which helps reduce perceived dwell times.  This is essential to improve customer and visitor experience, for any type of venue. In these cases, it’s best to provide a mix of advertising, infotainment, and news to get optimal results.

La señalización digital causa una impresión audaz

Innovative environmental signage concepts let architects and interior decorators use digital signage displays as decorative elements. When digital signage is freed from horizontal and vertical orientations, you end up with dramatic building facades and lobbies that invite people to come inside.

Using video walls and abstract video animations, decorators can easily update the look of any open space or change the mood depending on the time of day, special event, or any other criteria. pantallas LED and flat panels can be arranged in various configurations to maximize the visual impact, while content can be made up of repurposed animations or videos.