Navori Labs desarrolla el software QL Player para reproductores multimedia BrightSign

Navori Labs desarrolla el software QL Player para reproductores multimedia BrightSign

El pionero del software de señalización digital presenta el software nativo para los reproductores multimedia 4K y HD de BrightSign, con un amplio conjunto de funciones que integra la sincronización del reproductor, la activación condicional y más en una tarjeta SD.

LAUSANA, SUIZA, 16 de enero de 2020 – Navori Labs continúa asociándose con los principales proveedores de la industria global de señalización digital, desarrollando aplicaciones de software QL Player para una amplia variedad de plataformas de hardware. De cara a ISE 2020, Navori se complace en anunciar una nueva innovación para los reproductores multimedia de señalización digital de BrightSign que lleva su software flexible y rico en funciones a los clientes de BrightSign en todo el mundo.

de Navori Reproductor QL para BrightSign is designed for BrightSign’s 4K and HD digital signage media players, leveraging Navori’s proven in-house, proprietary software and operating system on a common SD card. The software is available for new Signo brillante shipments or as a field upgrade for existing players from 2016 forward, bringing Navori innovations for player synchronization, dynamic data feeds, conditional triggering and more to digital signage networks everywhere.

“BrightSign enjoys one of the largest installed bases of digital signage media players worldwide, and this software offers a plug-and-play solution for BrightSign customers that want to bring the power of QL software to their networks,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “Integration into existing players is as simple as inserting the SD card into BrightSign players, and users can immediately begin publishing content enhanced by QL Player’s feature upon rebooting players.”

QL Player software for BrightSign media players

CL Player offers several advantages over competitive digital signage player software, including the ability to synchronize content on multiple players and platforms. BrightSign users can now easily add their reproductores multimedia to an existing network of SoC displays, Android players and PCs, and leverage Navori’s proprietary graphics engine to render all media, including very high-resolution content, across one or more displays, video walls, tablets or mobile devices without quality limitations.

Activación de contenido condicional basada en reglas de Navori capabilities add further value by data-tagging media assets, players and scenarios, and enabling real-time data integration with systems. These applications will enable more flexibility to BrightSign customers aiming to deliver dynamic, targeted content that is meaningful to the audience and moment. This includes automatically adapting content to real-time events including weather conditions, KPI data and inventory levels.

Otro Reproductor QL para BrightSign Las características y beneficios del software incluyen:

  1. Full template and ticker design for transparent, multi-layer and multi-zone playback
  2. Reliable playout of real-time dynamic data feeds, including social media, XML/RSS, Google Calendar and QL Server hosted data
  3. Simple, powerful HTML5-based gestión de contenido

J. Moeri adds that upgraded Reproductores multimedia BrightSign will retain access to the BrightSign app ecosystem, ensuring that existing users don’t lose access to critical device remote control, network management and monitoring features for their networks.

“Navori Labs se ha forjado una reputación de confiabilidad en el desarrollo de software nativo personalizado para la integración en una variedad de plataformas de hardware”, dijo Jeff Hastings, director ejecutivo de BrightSign. “Reproductor QL para BrightSign brinda a nuestros clientes la libertad de implementar nuestra amplia gama de reproductores multimedia líderes en el mercado, que se vuelven aún más deseables gracias a las características que han convertido a Navori en un líder en software de señalización digital”.

Navori Labs demostrará Reproductor QL para BrightSign on its ISE 2020 stand (8-E212 ). ISE 2020 takes place from February 11-14 at the Amsterdam RAI. Navori will also demonstrate its QL Player software innovations for leading Windows as well as SoC solutions for Android, Samsung Tizen, and LG WebOS displays.