Navori dévoilera la version 2.1 de QL a DSE 2019, Las Vegas

Navori dévoilera le moteur de affichage dynamique QL 2.1 au DSE 2019

La dernière génération de logiciels leaders sur le marché intègre le traitement dynamique 8K, le logiciel de déclenchement conditionnel et la prise en charge du protocole d'alerte commun, entre autres fonctionnalités

LAUSANNE, Suisse, 13 mars 2019 – Navori has announced Digital Signage Experience as the official launch of its QL 2.1 digital signage software. It incorporates a host of new features that capture the trend of greater intelligence in digital signage today. The updates empower customers to take full advantage of data integration and high-resolution image processing. While also making digital signage easier to control and manage directly from the software.

La version logicielle QL 2.1 étend également l'interopérabilité du système sur puce (SoC) de Navori à de nouvelles plateformes et introduit le protocole d'alerte commun (CAP) soutien pour la première fois.

"Navori amplifie la puissance des données dans l'affichage dynamique pour des besoins plus sophistiqués tels que l'analyse d'audience, le suivi des stocks, la planification des salles et la notification d'urgence", a déclaré Jeffrey Weitzman, directeur général de Navori. « Nos clients veulent que le contenu soit dynamique et réactif, au lieu d'être pré-planifié et programmé. La version du logiciel d'affichage dynamique QL 2.1 offre cette flexibilité.

Automatisation du contenu

Navori will directly address these trends with its new conditional playback and triggering software. The application leverages data-tagging of media assets, players and scenarios, along with l'intégration des données en temps réel with systems. This to enable more flexibility in dynamic, targeted content delivery that is meaningful to audiences. For example, détaillants can base what is playing on specific screens in stores on inventory levels or deliveries. Similarly, promotions can be dynamically removed from affichage dynamique playlists if inventory levels run low, and hit a preset threshold that triggers the spot to be expired.

First introduced at ISE in February, Weitzman notes that Navori’s approach fully integrates control and management into the software. “There is no extra programming or complexity required for the end user. Our new conditional triggering capabilities will analyze data sets and respond with relevant content based on what’s happening in the moment.”

Other new features for QL 2.1 on demonstration at L'affichage dynamique Expo include:

Common alerting protocol (CAP) support

QL logiciel d'affichage dynamique now supports the XML-based data format for CAP, which exchanges public warnings and emergencies between alerting technologies.

Insane performance rendering

Navori’s “wow factor” in QL 2.1 is its IPR technology, which drives 8K video walls or four clusters of 4K digital signage displays from a single media player. IPR uses only 20 percent of the CPU when displaying 8K content due to its efficient processing power, and can frame-accurately synchronize with any content type, including HTML5 and tickers, since the entire workflow is centralized on one workstation.

QL Player for LG WebOS SoC displays

The QL 2.1 software release extends Navori’s native support for Android and Tizen SoC displays to LG’s webOS platform. It also adds a new innovation that tightens multi-player synchronization to 1/5th of a second with multiple screens are visible. Standard Navori player QL strengths carried over to the LG integration include a proprietary graphics engine, broadcast-quality content playback, template and ticker support, player monitoring, proof-of-playback reporting, and automated software updates.

Navori will also demonstrate a new mobile interaction app that streamlines digital signage content management for businesses and organizations. The app, built into QL Manager as part of Navori’s QL 2.1 software update, frees employees from the desktop while they work to keep content fresh. The software ensures that approved users are not required to funnel all changes and update requests through a central IT or marketing manager.

“The mobile interaction app is an especially exciting development that extends the potential pool of content contributors, and makes it easy to update content from iOS and Android devices,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori. “Pre-defined control reduces the number of steps it takes to review, manage and publish digital signage content, which ensures that content and messaging is fresher, more dynamic and quickly up-to-date.”

Navori will demonstrate QL 2.1 and its various new applications at Booth 2809 in the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 27-28.