Navori QL 2.2 propose 7 innovations majeures

Navori QL 2.2 propose 7 innovations majeures

Le premier trimestre 2019 apporte de nombreuses nouveautés à Navori. Notre équipe a concentré ses efforts de recherche et de développement sur sept grandes tendances:

Professional SoC player software

The digital signage industry needs a professional SoC player software developed specifically for the top three screen manufacturers: Samsung, LG and Philips. Navori’s SoC player software is more efficient than any screen manufacturer’s in-house software.  It lets you standardize on a single solution and meet any project requirement. QL’s SoC player software delivers the same performance as a powerful PC while simplifying the overall architecture, and réduisant le TCO d'au moins 48%. NOUVELLEMENT SORTIE : player QL for LG WebOS version 3.0 and 4.0. Samsung Tizen SSSP 4,5 and6, Tizen versions 2.4, 3.0 and 4.0, Philips new Q, D and P-Line on Android 7. Tous les modules complémentaires QL actuels sont disponibles (moins le module publicitaire).

Capacités de contenu intelligentes (programmation basée sur des règles) :

La liste de lecture traditionnelle et la programmation basée sur les plages horaires ont été améliorées avec de nouvelles capacités de programmation basées sur des règles dans l'interface QL. Content programming can adapt to current conditions in real-time based on a wide range of factors, such as: weather forecasts, stock quotes, KPIs, inventory levels and alert status. Navori QL 2.2 now supports “conditional playback” rules driven by live data sources. Content linked to les flux de données réels will only be shown when specific conditions are met. In addition, the conditional trigger will launch one or more media items or templates dynamically according to pre-established rules that end-users create in QL Content Manager.

NOUVELLE FONCTIONNALITÉ: Conditional playback based on flux de données en direct is now included by default.  Conditional triggering add-on module is required: BAP-04 Triggered Media with API.  Maintenant disponible pour toutes les plateformes.

Contrôle total depuis votre appareil mobile :

QL Mobile Manager breaks down the barrier between non-desk employees and their screens. Wouldn’t it be great if non-desk employees could search, preview and display content and programs in real-time, on any screen? It’s a common occurrence in QSR, brick and mortar retail, exhibition halls and bureaux d'entreprise. Ideally, staff should be able to modify prices, content programming or even take a snapshot off their smartphone and publish it instantly to any screen. QL Mobile Manager makes it possible. With this new add-on, retail sales associates can turn any QL powered screens into a sales support tool right from the sales floor. These features are powered by the QL Server API.

NOUVELLE FONCTIONNALITÉ: Module complémentaire QL Player : QL Manager Mobile. Maintenant undisponible pour toutes les plateformes

Synchronisation de lecture multi-plateforme :

Media player synchronization should not be limited to any specific screen brand, operating system or screen layout.

There are currently two types of logiciel d'affichage dynamique content synchronization:

  • MULTI-player : This type of synchronization is popular with screen manufacturers and the AV industry.  We see this mainly used in video broadcasting and the idea behind it is quite simple. You slice-up a video into multiple clips and you broadcast each one to a separate media player, usually a SoC display. There are several problems with this approach. First, it only works with videos and it’s a complex, time consuming process. Second, how do you deal with other types of content, especially animated HTML5 content that run across multiple screens? QL 2.2 lets you synchronize any type of content on any platform or type of screen (murs vidéos, LED boards, regular screens, tablets, etc.). QL is the only software that can synchronize content across any type of hardware from any manufacturer.
    NOUVELLE FONCTIONNALITÉ: add-on module: BAP-14 Synchronisation d'écrans. Disponible maintenant pour toutes les plateformes - compatible multiplateforme.
  • player UNIQUE / ÉCRANS MULTIPLES : Sometimes the simplest architecture is the best one. Navori developed an 8K media player software that can play out 4 X 4K channels at 60 frames per second. QL IPR can play any content in any scenario, and when you daisy-chain your screens, you can broadcast any content in 1080p on up to 16 screens. More importantly, all QL supported media types can be rendered at these extreme resolutions.  This includes templates, tickers, HD videos, HTML5 content and more!
    NOUVELLE FONCTIONNALITÉ: module complémentaire : BAP-21 Insane Performance Rendering (IPR) Exclusivement pour le système d'exploitation Windows 64 bits.

Nouvelle API serveur :

Le nouveau QL API lets Web developers control and interact with our server using any third-party application. Our new API supports most of QL Content Manager’s features, except for our template/ticker designer. This new API lets you push and trigger content across any number of players.  You can also edit external data and QL hosted server feeds with images. Potential uses: Create your own customized UI, interact with third-party software programs, connect with IoT devices (for facial recognition, motion/temperature sensors, RFID, etc.). QL Server API supports JavaScript, Java, C#, C++ and any language that can place a web query/call.

NOUVEL ARTICLE: Module complémentaire ASR-04 : API QL Server

Distribution automatique des polices sur toutes les plateformes :

Users can now use any font for their projects and they will be automatically distributed and installed on each player. This new feature supports both TrueType and OpenType fonts, ensuring the integrity of your branding and styling guidelines across all screens regardless of the media player hardware or operating system.

La communication Websocket est arrivée

  1. WebSockets fournit une connexion permanente entre le Serveur QL et les lecteurs QL. Il nous permet de déclencher instantanément du contenu, de mettre à jour efficacement les flux de données sur des milliers de lecteurs et de récupérer des informations en temps réel sur l'état du lecteur et de l'écran. La communication WebSockets est essentielle lors de l'intégration avec toute technologie IOT.
  2. WebSockets improve system scalability. QL Server 2.2 has been stress-tested over 100.000 continuous player connections while using only 30% CPU capacity.

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