Introducing the Revolutionary QL Stix 3500

Introducing the Revolutionary QL Stix 3500


In 2012, Navori became the first digital signage software company to develop its native Android player pointing up the same features as our Windows player.

Android has all the characteristics required for digital signage use.  It’s a powerful and stable operating system that is easier to deploy than Windows and it doesn’t require any specific technical knowledge.

For Q3 2016, Navori introduces the QL StiX 3500.  This second-generation product will deliver 9 key features that will have a real impact on your projects.

  • The power of 4K support through its 16-core GPU features multi-threading, multi-layer, zoning, multi-video rendering, and transparency support for an exceptional visual experience.
  • TeamViewer remote software support means you can access devices anywhere without the need for a user to be present.
  • An internal battery that stores the current date and time so the device can continue playing content while offline.
  • An integrated Ethernet port.
  • 16GB integrated content storage (upgradeable to 32 GB).
  • The programmed screen on/off via video signal control using HDMI cabling. This feature is compatible with all types of commercial and professional-grade screens.
  • This media player hardware is 100% plug-and-play. It can be installed by an end-user or non-IT personnel.
  • The device supports Ethernet and last-generation Wi-Fi networking.
  • QL StiX 3500 can be used in mixed networks where Windows PCs are already being used since it shares similar features.

For inquiries and orders on this product please contact us.