Navori announces QL Player for Samsung SSSP 6 -Tizen 4 displays

Navori announces QL Player for Samsung SSSP 6 -Tizen 4 displays

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Updated on September 13th 2019

Navori announces the release of QL Player software for Samsung SSSP 6. This 100% proprietary player delivers professional-grade performance and 99% of QL Player features currently available on our Android and Windows versions.

This new QL Player is intended for digital signage professionals who operate large, sophisticated networks.  It introduces a professional grade software solution suitable for any size deployment. Digital Signage operators and integrators are always on the lookout for professional software that is versatile enough to operate in commercial applications regardless of the screen brand or hardware configuration.

As a renowned global provider of on premise and cloud-based digital signage software, Navori realized the SoC display market was missing a true professional offering.  To address this situation, Navori successfully migrated its native playback engine software to Samsung’s fourth-generation Smart Signage Platform powered by Tizen OS.

About the partnership

Navori QL Player 2.2 for Tizen is fully interoperable.  It will easily coexist with a mix of SoC displays from other brands, Android, and Windows player hardware.  All of our QL Player versions will work together, delivering the same set of features and performance. This is especially useful for people looking to upgrade existing display networks made up of different hardware components and display technologies (such as LED displays, video walls and interactive tablets).

What makes QL Player SSSP 4, 5 and 6 so special? It is 100% Navori. Our proprietary graphics engine doesn’t rely on the display vendor’s API, resulting in a much better performance.  You get perfect transitions between media and templates with multi-layer and multi-threading support. Other software vendors develop their graphics engine based on the hardware manufacturer’s own engine, and this method offers no control over the product’s source code.

Samsung professional displays can be ordered with an embedded SoC player, designed for video walls.  Both products are powered by Samsung’s Tizen 2.4, 3.0 and 4.0 operating system.

About Samsung SSSP 6 / TIZEN and Navori QL Player

Navori collaborated with Samsung engineers to build and release a truly professional software solution for Samsung SoC displays.

  • Samsung recently released its 4th generation SoC hardware running on Tizen OS
  • Tizen is a Linux derived OS promoted by Samsung and Intel. It was initially used to power SMART TVs (consumer displays) and then migrated to the company’s professional display range in 2016.
  • Samsung professional displays are available with an embedded SoC player powered by Samsung’s Tizen operating system.
  • Navori developed a proprietary graphics engine that delivers professional results with 99% of QL Player’s existing features.

Who is this product intended for?

QL Player for Tizen is an ideal replacement for older and less powerful software products, including Samsung’s own Magic Info software. It brings high-performance content playback and a proven, highly scalable CMS solution to all Samsung SoC display customers.

QL Player for Tizen is compatible with Navori’s Cloud and on-premise CMS solutions right out of the box. The product can also be integrated with other hardware players to deliver a fully hybrid ecosystem, managed through a unique CMS.

With QL Player for Tizen, Samsung display resellers and integrators get a solution aimed at professional applications. They also get unmatched quality, performance, service and support.

Navori partners also benefit from…

  • Access to new opportunities with a Tizen OS solution that far exceeds the capabilities of any legacy product.
  • A growing range of media player software solutions, from multi-display Windows PCs to Android powered tablets and touch screens.
  • Solutions for every price point via Windows/Android/SoC hardware support.
  • Professional grade software that redefines what a digital signage solution can do.
  • QL Player for Tizen offers a compelling proposition to A/V integrators, network operators, and end-user customers.

Benefits and advantages

  • QL Player for Tizen can be installed and activated in minutes.
  • It is compatible with Navori’s QL Content Manager, bringing ease of use and sophisticated content management to the platform.
  • QL Content Manager is a rich, HTML5 based user dashboard which is extremely simple to master compared to other products.
  • The software delivers virtually the same performance and features as other QL Player versions already on the market.  You get access to multi-layered templates and tickers, meta-tagging support, content playback rules, playlist merging, and more.
  • QL Player for Tizen represents a major step forward in digital signage technologies.  It offers a software media player that is fully compatible with Samsung SoC hardware, but with better capabilities than existing products.
  • Navori brings to Tizen OS the same proprietary graphics engine that powers the company’s renowned Windows, Android and SoC player software.  Samsung SoC display customers will experience far better performance with QL Player for Tizen than with other solutions.
  • QL Player for Tizen is not a browser-based media player.  It’s proprietary software that leverages all available hardware resources to deliver the best experience possible.  It is more reliable, and offers more features than existing software solutions.

Data driven Digital Menu Boards

  • Change product descriptions, photos and pricing in a few mouse clicks
  • Deliver rich, multi-layered content using QL templates and tickers

Healthcare displays that show important information

  • QL Player for Tizen lets users manage multi-zoned content.  They can display media and playlist zones along with other visual elements to create attention-grabbing programming
  • Reduce perceived dwell time by showing infotainment (news & weather), medical information, and advertising
  • Share real-time announcements with patients and visitors


Information displays for any environment

  • Show alert messages and other content to notify visitors in case of emergency
  • Display wayfinding maps and other media to inform visitors
  • Broadcast a mix of advertising and informational content

Queue management displays

  • Show next available cash register or customer support desk with scheduled content
  • Reduce perceived dwell time by showing infotainment (news & weather), medical information, and advertising

Retail displays that increase sales

  • Show targeted advertising related to nearby products
  • Rotate ads based on stock levels, local events or other factors

Corporate dashboards that inform and motivate

  • Convey current sales/performance/financial results using easy to understand charts and graphics
  • Highlight and reward top performers
  • Display current news and other essential information in real-time