Navori Labs joins GPA’s Global Partner Program

Navori Labs joins GPA’s Global Partner Program


Navori Labs joins GPA’s Global Partner Program as a global digital signage provider to enterprise customers

GPA, the world’s largest AV integrator, is pleased to announce that Navori Labs has joined the GPA Global Partner Program. Offering a complete suite of digital signage capabilities for any application, hardware type, and hosting model, Navori is at the forefront of the market in terms of digital signage offerings. Navori’s Aquaji AI driven computer vision analytics engine is an example of this, offering the foundation for its platform to shift from simply being a content delivery tool, into an intelligent and adaptive, outcome driven, content management ecosystem.

“This partnership is built upon more than technology, but a more than 10 year personal working relationship and trust developed with the Navori Labs executive team” notes Byron Tarry, CEO of GPA. “Navori has had a progressive, forward thinking, and innovative perspective that has always impressed me, and I am only too happy to see us enter into a more formal partnership structure in order to take advantage of that – for the benefit of each of our organizations, and ultimately for our customers.”

With a common perspective in driving simplicity, scalability, standardization and speed in the solutions we deliver for enterprise customers, GPA and Navori in partnership are optimally placed to deploy and support the impactful and dynamic digital signage software needed to drive the today’s collaborative, experiential workplace.

“As a global software manufacturer, joining GPA is an exciting and important moment for Navori Labs. This partnership will allow us to reinforce our global deployment capabilities while enabling us to get our award-winning software into the hands of more customers worldwide,” commented Jeffrey Weitzman, Managing Director of Navori Labs. “GPA is a well-recognized, highly respected organization in our industry, and we couldn’t be happier to have partnered with them.”

Navori’s physical operations across four continents, and software available in 34 languages, when combined with GPA’s unparalleled global footprint, customers can rest easy in the knowledge that their global corporate communications strategy is indeed backed by a team with a truly global perspective. Not only a solution for GPA customers, the Navori signage platform powers GPA’s own digital content needs, and recently powered content on 10 displays for GPA’s ISE 2023 stand helping elevate and differentiate it to be named as a finalist of the Large Category for the show’s Stand Design Awards.

About Navori Labs

Navori Labs is a Swiss software innovator and global leader in digital signage, computer vision and AI driven marketing analytics software. We have over 20 years of experience delivering premium technologies and large-scale deployment expertise to customers around the world. Our multiplatform software uses an open architecture and is developed in-house by a team of highly qualified engineers. We offer cloud and on-premise products that are third-party certified for government and enterprise use.

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About GPA

GPA helps global enterprise organizations to think global, and act global, as they strive to create workplace that delivers an engaged workforce. Our goal is to inspire employees with collaboration tools and environments to share their knowledge and ideas, work together to perform at their best. With over 4,800 specialized AV/UC staff in 150+ cities, we deliver simple, scalable, and standardized collaboration technology solutions and services, driving business velocity and ultimately competitive market advantage for our customers. Specialization in collaboration, a true global footprint, yet the localized operational infrastructure and cultural awareness critical to local stakeholder adoption and business impact.

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