NEC Digital Signage Displays Solution

NEC Digital Signage Displays Solution

New NEC ALP business intelligence solution leverages Navori QL enterprise digital signage software to amplify audience measurement and content triggering in retail environments

MONTREAL, November 6, 2018 – Effective immediately, Navori announces a new alliance with NEC Display Solutions to strengthen the impact of digital signage across the broader retail customer experience. With NEC’s recent unveiling of NEC ALP, Navori confirms its QL digital signage engine will be one of a select few solutions to integrate with the powerful business intelligence analytics platform. The direct integration will power a complete real-time content and audience measurement system for retail businesses.

Navori QL is an enterprise-level digital signage software solution used worldwide in multiple business verticals, including brick-and-mortar retail environments. As integrated with NEC ALP, Navori’s digital signage software provides a flexible platform to measure audiences and trigger content that aligns with a shopper’s action or a broader in-store event. Navori QL’s flexible architecture ensures that NEC customers can leverage the same benefits in SaaS cloud-based and on-premise environments, depending on the scale of the retailer’s network deployment.

How management see’s it

“Digital signage is a key element of broader retail customer experience strategies that are intended to engage shoppers, and inspire return visits,” said Jeffrey Weitzman, Managing Director at Navori. “Working with NEC, we have an opportunity to help our retail clients better understand shopper behavior, and unleash new customer experience strategies that improve loyalty and increase in-store sales. Navori’s flexible and open integration options, coupled with our rich feature set, make this integration with NEC a natural fit for both companies. It will ultimately help to accelerate NEC ALP rollouts to retail businesses worldwide.”

The NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP), unveiled at the 25th annual NEC Display New York Partner Showcase in October, combines the company’s advanced video analytics with its digital signage expertise. The platform is designed to make retailers smarter through big data, content matching, and delivering relevant, impactful content to customers. NEC ALP’s data analytics capability gives retailers the power to deliver the right message or content. Triggered through content management systems like Navori QL – based on who the customer is, and which piece of content will likely create  meaningful engagements. Using this data, retailers can draw direct correlations between when content was played, the number of impressions, and conversion rates to sales.

“With NEC ALP, we’re helping retailers deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience,” said Richard Ventura, Vice President of Strategic Management at NEC Display Solutions of America. “We’re excited to work with Navori to bring NEC ALP to retailers. We’re even more excited that Navori is among the first of our partners to collaborate with us on this project and their Navori QL digital signage engine is a critical part of the NEC ALP platform.”

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