Navori Labs QL Software Powers DOOH Advertising at Istanbul Airport

Navori Labs QL Software Powers DOOH Advertising at Istanbul Airport

Mediaport Marketing selects on-premise QL digital signage solution based on technical and security strengths software solution.”

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, July 8, 2020 – Since its opening 20 months ago, Istanbul Airport in Turkey is poised to become the world’s largest airport for passenger traffic. Today, the airport greets travelers in the largest terminal building under one roof with vertically-oriented video walls and displays throughout its large, open space. Navori QL digital signage software powers all dynamic media content, including digital out-of-home advertising to monetize the network.

Mediaport Marketing, Istanbul’s airport’s digital advertising operator, selected the QL on-premise software solution based on its many technical benefits such as multi-player synchronization and third-party software integration. Multi-player synchronization provides a seamless experience for travelers by showing perfectly timed content on video walls and displays. Ads are delivered with a mix of dynamic content (videos, images, multi-layered templates, data feeds) that bring news, weather, entertainment and promotional content to travelers.

Navori Digital Signage software delivers…

Professional rendering ensures that common media is synchronized to 1/20th of a second across all 726 Samsung SoC displays running on Tizen 4 or Windows versions of QL Player software. Navori’s “time stamp streamer” innovation delivers professional content rendering and synchronizes each QL Player clock with Navori’s QL Server. The QL Player software ensures an optimal viewing experience with seamless video transitions, multi-layered templates and dynamic HTML5 content.

Navori’s broad third-party software integration capabilities extend beyond simple data feeds to audience measurement systems. These integrations, along with detailed content playback reports, help Mediaport evaluate each campaign’s success and build future media plans based on ad impressions.

The on-premise server architecture optimizes performance and security through a high-availability configuration with load balancing, failover capabilities, and end-to-end content encryption. While Mediaport preferred the on-premise architecture to meet these stringent requirements. Operators can remotely monitor performance, update content, and maintain systems – including device OS and media player software updates – from QLs user-friendly web-based user interface.

Quotes from the team

“Navori provides us with the best solutions and tools for our business needs,” said Mr. Mehmet Emre, Director of Digital Operations, Mediaport. “We needed a flexible, scalable, agile and multiplatform solution that empowers us in our business processes. Security is very important for us since we are operating in airports, and Navori delivers. Navori’s partnership is very strategic in growing and developing our businesses mutually.”

“Mediaport required a digital signage network that can reliably serve as many as 200 million passengers annually once the entire airport is open, and sought a Samsung-certified digital software solution,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “As the main terminal building occupies a 1.4-million square meter area alone, the early phases of the rollout have offered a reliable proving ground for their exacting network requirements. Through close collaboration with our partners at Mediaport and Samsung, we carefully customized an ad-driven network solution that will scale to their needs, and deliver the reliability and technical capacities they desire from a wide-scale digital signage software solution.”

About Mediaport (Square Group)

Mediaport holds a position favored by world-renowned brands with the exclusive network of LED screens, LCD screens, static panels, billboards, lightboxes, giant board and stand space ad units in Istanbul Airport. For more information, check this video

About Navori Labs

Navori Labs is an enterprise committed to providing the most reliable, interoperable and user-friendly software application available in the industry. An exclusive leader in the global digital signage industry with nearly 25 years of experience, Navori has built a reputation as an industry innovator strengthened by a skilled engineering team, and continued investment in research and development initiatives. Navori has also continued to invest in global growth, with local and regional resources available worldwide.

Navori’s flagship QL digital signage engine is built with everyone in mind, and has been standardized for use in many of the largest digital signage networks around the world. The company’s engineering approach balances efficient design and operation with exceptional performance for answering integrators and end-users expectations.