STiX 3700 – 4K Android Media Player for Digital Signage

Developed exclusively by Navori Labs, the STiX 3700 digital signage media player is a powerful and versatile 4k capable device that allows you to display dynamic and engaging content on any digital display. With its high-performance hardware and advanced software, this media player can easily handle even the most demanding digital signage applications.

It also features dual-band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth support, giving you a range of connectivity options to suit your needs. It’s covered by a 3-year warranty and designed for reliable 24/7/365 digital signage use.

The small form factor allows it to be easily hidden behind any display and you will find the price very hard to beat!

What’s included?

Stix 3700 Android media player provides QL users with three main benefits:

  • Professional-grade 4K, digital signage player  featuring sophisticated template rendering and flawless media transitions across all your screens.
  • A fully Plug and Play experience for any type of screen. Total support for every screen size and orientation with easy maintenance.
  • A 3-year warranty.

Watch un unboxing video here

stix 3700 navori labs media player

Benefits vs. competing external media player devices

Other digital signage players ship out with basic and clunky software apps. The STiX 3700 Android media player device comes with the QL Player software preloaded and ready to use. QL is Navori’s professional-grade Digital Signage Software that offers outstanding graphic performance and complies with all IT standards.

When you select Navori STiX 3700, you benefit from years of Android digital signage innovation with more than 800 software features so you can power any digital signage solution with confidence.

Supported Android digital signage content

Media type Format specification

Video H.264 for HD content, H.265 (HEVC) for UHD content

HTML Connected URL and Download & play, supports 1 or 2 steps authentication. Cross-Domain Communication policies may block authentication.

Microsoft Power BI with authentication

PowerPoint PPT and PPTX

Acrobat PDF

Template Image, Video and data feed

Template in template

Streaming HTTP



Video input Live video media from HDMI input


Supported QL player digital signage features

Feature STIX 3700
Easy Setup 1 minute
Maximum playback resolution / Fps 3840*2160 pixel @60Fps
Pixel perfect for LED displays

Sophisticated template rendering – multi-zone, multi-object

Templates within template rendering

Cross-player content synchronization

Interactivity Touch/USB/Smartphone/Camera/Sensor
Content automation

DooH – Advertising

Context aware automation connected to Aquaji Computer vision

HDMI input rendering
Remote monitoring and analytics

Screen control on/off HDMI CEC


Hardware specifications

Product Stix 3700 ref # HW-05
GPU Mali G52MP6
Processor Quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 & Dual-core ARM Cortex-A53
Storage Internal 16GB (11GB Available for content storage) + Micro SD Slot hosting card of up to 128 GB
Dimensions L: 4.33 in. W: 1.77 in. H: 0.79 in.
LAN Ethernet RJ45 – Gigabit
WiFi 5G and 2.4G dual channel
Operating system Google Android 9

Media players versatility vs. SoC screens

Consider that digital signage screens used in retail, corporate communications, or government facilities often vary in terms of size and features. When you deploy the StiX 3700, Android media player, you get a common set of features and a fully harmonized experience across all your screens.

Benefits vs. System-on-Chip displays

The Navori QL Player software is available for a wide range of devices, including Samsung, LG, Philips, and Sony System-on-Chip screens. So how does the StiX 3700, a professional Android media player compare with these devices?

  • Even the most advanced SoC hardware has problems rendering 4K content, and even less so at 60 frames per second, which is required for an effective viewing experience.
  • The StiX 3700 Android media player is compatible with every brand and type of screen which simplifies management tasks as every screen is controlled remotely by the Navori QL software.
  • The Android operating system lets you install third-party apps, such as TeamViewer or VNC for remote control purposes, or for installing security certificates as required by many corporate IT departments.
  • StiX 3700 is more versatile than most digital media players. It supports wireless (Wi-Fi) and wired connections for any network environment.
  • You can swap out the StiX 3700 droid media player on-site without having to uninstall or replace the screen.
  • StiX 3700 supports touchscreens, sensors, physical buttons, and external speakers via USB or Bluetooth, which isn’t possible with SoC screens.
  • You can store up to 1Tb of content via the StiX 3700’s micro SD card slot while SoC screens only offer 8 to 16Gb.
  • You can use a 4G or 5G USB modem with the StiX 3700.

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